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William J. O'Neil was born and raised in Pinal County Judge William J."Bill" O'Neil has served as a Judge of the Superior Court of Arizona in Pinal County since 1991. During that time he has been appointed by various Governors of Arizona and Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of Arizona to virtually every significant statewide committee on the court. He has served as Presiding Judge for the Superior Court from 2001 through 2005 and as Presiding Juvenile Judge (1992-2001). He is the only Pinal County Judge to serve on the Arizona Judicial Council which is the highest level policy making committee of the Supreme Court of Arizona. He currently serves as Chairman of the Committee on the Impact of Domestic Violence and the Courts (CIDVC).


Supporting Documents

1 O'Neil's Invalid "Oath of Office" pdf
2 O'Neil's "Favored" Attorneys not Disbarred
*WARNING* Explicit
- Robert Standage: Suspended Two Years -Admits Sex Exploitation even with ("T.P.") who appears to be a possible minor. See other persons
- See Page 4 ...("T.P."...exchanged sexually explicit text messages, photographs and videos...he suggested "a nude erotic message, and told ("T.P.") he was sexually aroused by their texting."...
- See Page 5..."while representing a female client ("A.G."), in a dependency action...he in exchange for Oral Sex. ..."he paid a child support contempt Order...she performed a Strip Tease for him and had sex with him."..."
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Wild William J. O'Neil "Cases"

$5 million dollar claim filed against the State of Arizona by disbarred attorney for malicious prosecution

Jeffrey Moffatt, an Arizona attorney who was disbarred inadvertently by Judge William J. O’Neil, the Arizona State Bar's disciplinary judge, has filed a $5 million dollar claim against the State of Arizona for malicious prosecution. Moffatt argued that the matter O’Neil disbarred him for has already been adjudicated in another…

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