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Who Judges the Judges?

oaths & docs

See who has oaths that are unsigned or invalid for other reasons as well as other erroneous, falso or even missing documents.


See what happens behind the scenes. Check out the things these judges get into and how they handle themselves once they get mad.

guilty by

Learn about who the Judges hang around with; thier associations and the circles they belong to. You'll be amazed.

Is Justice Really

Should We Be Blind Too?

All too often people fall victim to higher authority (Judge) injustices with no recourse or way to fight it. How do you fight a judge? Can you?

This website is not only dedicated to exposing Judges when they go bad but it will also educate on rights and what to do if you fall prey to Judicial injustice. There are things we can do and bringing it public is the first step.

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Latest Updates

Ethical Conduct

Judges offering reduced sentences or dismissals of fines or other costs in exchange for sexual favors and relationships.

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Guilty by Association

Friends of friends, memberships, organizations and more - see who Judges hang out with and what they secretly support.

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Invalid Documents

Check out false documents and/or Oaths that have never been signed. Judges working with improper paperwork.

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Video & Other Media